Southall 830-1982

Richard J. Meads




During most of 1958 the Borough Council seemed to have a very full programme. The first of the blocks of flats being built on the right hand side of the Uxbridge Road, 'Hamblin House', was occupied. £6,955 had to be spent on a Relief Sewer. Plans to erect prefabricated houses on the left hand side of Bridge Road did not meet with the Council's approval. For the first time ever the Council made a direct appeal for loans of £100 or more at 6½% interest. Alderman Marks resigned after 21 years Councillor. In March the rates were increased by two-pence in the pound to 16/8d. The Council election results were — Dormers Wells, C. B. Cripps (Con.); Hamborough (2 seats) S. T. Steel and C. J. Pollard; Glebe, Mrs M. C. Griffiths (Con.), Waxlow, E. J. Shell (Lab.); Northcote, J. Haigh (Lab.); Norwood Green, H. J. Mee (Lab.); Mayor of Southall 1958-59 Councillor Johnson Haigh. One of his first duties was to present Medallions to 18 former Mayors, this included Mr W. Garrod, Charter Mayor.


In the Gazette on December 13th a photo was published of the proposed new Southall Town Hall — showing what it would look like. It was thought that the easing of the money situation would allow for the building to take place in 1959 at a cost of between £350,000 - £400,000. There was a great deal of adverse criticism of the plan.


Alderman Gardner resigned as Secretary of the Southall-Hanwell Labour Party, after 30 years, in April, 1958. Mrs D. Ashall, Headmistress of Beaconsfield Road School, died on Janury 17th, aged 57, a teacher for 36 years.


National Service still in force and young men born in 1939 had to register. National Deposit Friendly Society opened its new office in the High Street, paying out in 1957 £4,200 in benefits. Woolworth's branch in King Street opened Thursday, 27th February, 1958.


Revd W. G. Genner, leaves St Georges after 18 years -- just before the church celebrated its Golden Jubilee. The first full time Chaplain at St Bernards was the Revd W. Bennett.


A big fire in South Road on 12th January caused £20,000 worth of damage.


The Pride of Murray Band was still very active and there were several romances and weddings among its members. Borough Band also still in being, conducted by Mr F. Oaten. It was in attendance when the Annual Inspection of the Western Area of the St John Ambulance Brigade took place at Ealing Common in May — over 500 members on parade.


With its new Warden, Mr Harold Hallett, the Community Centre has become a hive of activity with a great increase in membership. The Indian community are making good use of it. Unfortunately, already unemployment among the Indian community is on the increase.


A bus strike which lasted nearly a fortnight came in the middle of May. Traffic lights were installed at the junction of South Road and Beaconsfield Road and Park Avenue. The five old shops between the George and Dragon and the school passage demolished to make way for Abbess House.


Over 3,000 had a good time at the AEC Sports Day, and Norwood Green Show Day and the Annual Park Show were both a great success. Miss Patricia Dalwood was Southall Carnival Queen.


On July 11th at the Albert Hall, St Johns Church Lads Brigade Handball Team won the CLB Handball Final. The Kings Hall celebrated its 42nd birthday, and the Nursing Division SJAB its 34th birthday with presentations to Mrs E. Wilmot and Dr Seccombe.


School News


A proposal to move the Secondary Technical School to Featherstone Road was rejected. Headmaster North Road School for 20 years retired and Mr J. Manders retired from Headmaster of Southall Technical College after 10 years.


Mr Percy Jones appointed new Head Postmaster from 25th August.


At about 8 o'clock on the morning of September 2nd a crippled Viking airliner crashed on houses in Kelvin Gardens on the Waxlow Estate, killing the three crew and four others, including a baby. Eight others were injured. It ploughed through one house and three more had to be pulled down. Wreckage was scattered over a large area. Great praise was given for the wonderful way everyone gave help, and a fund, opened by the Mayor for immediate help for the victims, raised over £1,000 in less than a week. At the inquest it was revealed that the plane was carrying spare aeroplane engines and had been on its way to Blackbushe Airport.


On Sunday, 21st December, the BBC recorded Gardeners Question Time

from the Community Centre.


During 1959 the town did not produce anything of much importance. The Council had to put the rates up again by 1/6d (7½p), making 17/2d

(86p) in the pound. They opened Old Peoples' Homes in Langdon Place.

All through the year the Education Committee gave a great deal of time to the vexed question of Grammar or Comprehensive Schools. They also

sanctioned an extension to the Technical School.


On Easter Monday, Alderman J. Lowe died at the age of 79. He was Mayor 1952-53. Results of the Borough Elections were: Dormers Wells, F. C. Errington (Con.); Glebe, Mrs I. Cavell (Lab.); Norwood Green, F. R. Rockhill (Con.); Northcote, E. Ward (Lab.); Hambrough, C. J. Pollard (Lab.); Waxlow Manor, J. A. Woodruff (Lab.); Councillor T. Steele elected Mayor for 1959-60. Southall MP George Pargiter, elected Chairman of the Middlesex County Council.


For something that has yet to take place — the MCC purchased the Barclay Bank at the corner of High Street and Avenue Road for road widening. They also allocated part of Brent Meadow for permanent allotment.

Brian Gibbons, who was very badly burned in the Southall air disaster trying to save life, was awarded the George Medal, which he received from the Queen on July 7th. He also received £25 and a Bronze Medal from the Carnegie Hero Fund.


Other Items


Plans passed for Further Extensions at the AEC.


St John's Church celebrates its Golden Jubilee.


The Borough decides to close its piggery.


Southall Football Club Secretary, Mr Ken Gower, resigns after ten years.


Plans for 'The Limes' at Bridge Road, costing £82,800, and the site in Telford Road chosen for the 'Eventide Homes'.


On Saturday, June 27th, due to Labour troubles, the Gazette combined twelve local papers and published Middlesex County Press but, by July 11th, it had come back to a combined Middlesex County Times and West Middlesex Gazette.


In preparation for the Carnival, Southall's First Dowager Queen - Mrs Beatrice Egerton (73) - was chosen. She was on one of the floats in what was the best carnival procession to date. Led by the Pride of Murray Band, it got to the park just in time to miss the heavy downpour of rain.


The Parliamentary Election took place early October. In support of the Conservative Candidate, the Prime Minister - Mr Harold MacMillan - visited Southall on the 28th September. The result of the election: Mr George Pargiter (Lab.) 22,285 retained his seat. Mr M. Underhill (Con.) 19,966.