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Southall Miscellany

A website created to bring together items relevant to the history of Southall, Middlesex, clicking on the links above will take you to pages about various aspects of the area and its surrounds.

R.J. Meads was a life-long resident of Southall and a member of the Southall Local History Society. The page dedicated to him contains links to PDFs containing transcripts of three books he wrote about Southall.

Norwood Green PDF copies of two publications by the Norwood Green Residents Association can be downloaded from this page.

AEC a PDF of the book Contribution to Victory detailing the AEC’s part in World War Two can be found on this page.

Southall Local History Society a selection of PDF transcripts from newsletters and other publications published by the Society in the 1960s.

Knowhere Archive an archive of postings to the Southall Knowhere Message Board, this appears here to ensure that the messages are preserved in the event of the originals ceasing to be available.

Odds & Ends is a page that is home to items that do not fit under any of the other categories listed above.